Services Headlight Restoration

Hazy headlights are a safety risk. Let us help with professional headlight restoration services.

Aging, cloudy lights can limit your visibility during tough road conditions, such as rain and fog. With our Headlight Restoration Service, we will complete a quick, multi-step process to remove the built up grime and dirt and cure the headlight to help prevent future buildup. 

Get your headlights, fog lights, or tail lights restored to a “like-new” condition and benefit from a lifetime warranty. Speak with our technicians and see if a headlight restoration will benefit your vehicle! 

While we pride ourselves in helping increase your visibility on the road, it is important to note that our Headlight Restoration Service works only on the outside of the lights, and will not help any cloudiness on the inside of the lights. 

Check out the above before and after photo of an actual Headlight Restoration Service performed at one of our shops!